FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Questions and Answers here about URAD and also, general Q&A about leather.

Can you wash leather with water?

Washing leather in water or soaking it can swell the fibres and make the leather dry out.  Leather is no longer live skin so will not absorb water into the cells.  That is why certain oils will do a better job.  The lanolin in URAD soaks in and keeps the leather flexible and hydrated. There are numerous oil based leather conditioning products around.  Some will hydrate and some will also protect the leather against future damage.  Some suggest that it is feasible to put a leather coat, jacket or purse in the washing machine on a mild cycle with cold water.  Washing leather this way can make it shrink and also make the leather stiff so that it may crack.  If your leather is way past its prime and you are not worried about it lasting a long time but want to try and get some stains out, then you might want to try this.  But if the leather is otherwise in pretty decent condition, we don't advise it at all.