URAD and Tenderly

These products have been around since the early 1960s.  Made in Italy originally for leather furniture, they have been imported into the USA and Canada since about 1980.

URAD can be used on leather, vinyl and rubber.  Tenderly is for softer leathers, suede and Nubuck. You can use for leather furniture, or your leather or vinyl car interior.  Vinyl door interiors get dirty or your dashboard gets dusty.  Clean it with URAD.  Won't attract dust like some products and gives some UV protection on the dash.  Keeps the vinyl from drying out.

If you are wearing leather boots outside in the winter, use URAD them every 10 days or so. URAD is made up of lanolin and carnuba wax.  The lanolin cleans and protects the leather and the carnauba wax protects and brings back the natural shine.  It takes seconds to apply and there is no need for messy shoe polish.  When we demonstrate URAD at trade shows, most of the time we are showing  people how the product works on shoes and boots. With one jar we can do over 200 boots and/or shoes.  One needs extremely little!  We tell people that if it is still tacky after a minute, then you are using too much.

If you are cleaning and conditioning your leather sofa or car seats with URAD, you will be able to safely sit within 10-15 minutes.  The reason I say this long, as the leather would be dry within a minute, is that any threading will take a bit longer.  So, you could clean up a leather sofa shortly before you have guests and not have to worry about any stains from the URAD getting on clothing.  It will protect against dirt and other soiling from clothes as well.

Back to shoes and boots: it will protect against water and salt stains as well.  It can pull out salt stains but using a damp cloth with diluted white vinegar is best for this.  Oft times, at a trade show, shoes or boots may look worse because after they are treated the URAD pulls out the salt and the leather looks stained.  It is just the salt being leached out of the leather.

Use on leather sports equipment like a baseball mitt to keep it pliable and prevent the leather from drying out.  Use on your leather coats and jackets to keep from drying out and add some protection against the weather.  The carnauba wax will protect the leather against the rain.  For softer leather coats use Tenderly or a mix of Tenderly and URAD. Where a leather jacket has lost some colour and the neutral URAD won't help then you can use the black or brown to help get the colour back into the leather.

Even with the black or brown URAD, if you give it a minute or two, it will not stain.  We have people use the black on a sofa or car interior and if used properly (not too much), then it will not stain clothing.

We have equestrians use the black on their saddles and other tack.  Most products will stain clothing.  So, if you are riding with tan jodhpurs, you can treat your saddle and start riding within 10-15 minutes with no staining of the pants.  It will bring back to life a dried out bridle and is completely non toxic so will not irritate or be harmful to the horse.

You can find more information on the products throughout this website and you can purchase here: Shop for URAD

Urad Neutral