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When you get your jar of Urad, remove the plastic seal inside. Do not throw it away. Replace it after using. As by keeping the product sealed in this way it will not dry out. You can keep it for years.

If you have not used your Urad for a while and it has separated out, just close up the jar and shake it vigorously for a few moments. There is nothing wrong with it that this will not fix.

When applying Urad, use it very sparingly. Dip the edge of the sponge in the cream and get a little on the surface. Now wipe off all of the cream that is on the surface of the sponge. Generally, if you can see the product on the surface, you have too much. All you really need is the amount that has discolored the sponge.

Now start applying it to the surface that you are treating. Use any motion - circular, up and down, it doesn't matter. You will know when to add more as the sponge will begin to drag. Just add some more to your sponge, wipe off any excess and continue.

When the sponge is dragging with a little of the Leather Mate left, is the best time to use it to remove insects from leather motorcycle clothing or a vinyl exterior of a car.

When there is a little less on the sponge - when it just starts to drag - this is the best time to use it on those areas of a saddle that are worked or uneven. The same goes for any motorcycle leathers that have designs worked into the leather. If there is less on the sponge, then there will be less build up.

If you find streaks on your leather shoes, you are very likely using too much of the leather cream.

For softer leathers such as a lambskin leather jacket or coat, use Tenderly. Tenderly will keep the leather soft. You can use Tenderly by mixing a little with the Leather Mate or more simply, apply the Urad then the Tenderly.

Apply Tenderly using circular motions.

Also, if a coat has gotten wet from the rain, use Tenderly to bring back the softness.

If you are not sure about using a particular color on a leather, try a little first on a concealed section. Do this as well if you are not sure about using the product on a particular type of leather.

Generally, you will use Urad on smooth leathers.

Tenderly is applied in the same way and can be used on: suede, nu-buck, distressed, unfinished leather and on soft, porous leather such as lambskin or pigskin. If you are unsure of what to use, place a bit of water (a wet finger will do) on the leather. If it darkens then usually it will stay dark if you use Leather Mate or Urad. In that case use Tenderly.