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Old Tack(Bridle)

"A few weeks ago we were at the Ottawa Summer Classic Horse Show in Ottawa Canada . In a booth beside us were a couple of gentleman selling URAD [Leathermate], a leather cleaner and conditioner. We thought we'd put them to the test so my daughter went through her tack box and found an old bridle that had been at the bottom of the box for a least a couple of years and was thoroughly moldy. The only reason it had not been thrown out is that the box hadn't been cleaned out. We brought in to the show the next day and asked them if they could do anything with it. One of them did a small section and it was really amazing - the leather looked clean and new. They asked if they could use the bridle during the show so that they could show people the before and after - we said yes and by the end of the show we had a perfectly good bridle. Clean and supple and completely useable. Since then we have been using it on everything. Thanks for such a great product."

L.M. Ottawa , Ontario 2005

Children's Shoes and Dad

“I have 4 children in private school.  Their shoes [leather] need to be shiny and polished for school every day.  A requirement of the school.  URAD saves me about 40 minutes a day and I don’t have to use shoe polish.”
Mark R, Toronto, Ontario